)Ornament Wreath – How To Make One

How to make an ornament wreath. I’ve seen these all over Pinterest and have wanted to find the time to make one. Did they really look as nice as the pictures? Well, I finally found the time to gather materials and make one. And guess what? I love how it turned out!

Materials needed:

wire coat hanger (note to self and you, try to use one that is not so heavy duty, as it is hard to shape and bend together once you have all the ornaments on.) pair of pliers lots of ornaments, your choice of sizes, colors, etc. bow or ribbon (optional) (your choice of what you add for finishing touches)

Ready to get started?

First unwind top of hanger, try to bend it into a circular shape (does not have to be perfect, the ornaments add to the roundness as well). I used the pliers for this because I had a heavy duty hanger. Next, start adding ornaments! I tried to do them in a pattern so when I started to bunch them together, the colors or designs were mixed. Kinda worked. As you get more and more ornaments on, you will need to help bunch them together by moving them around and getting them close together.

Becky Matthews