UPVC Door Lock Security Advice

UPVC DOOR HANDLESTheres a whole host of reasons why uPVC door handles stop working properly, and it can often mean that the entire door needs to be replaced which is no doubt, and understandbly frustrating for homeowners throughout the UK. This isn’t always the case though, theres a number of possible solutions to faulty UPVC doors which avoid the need of replacing an entire door, my job, as an emergency locksmith in Bradford is to find the most cost effective solution for my clients, not the most costly!

What Causes Faulty UPVC Locks & Handles?

Extensive use over a period of time ( usually years) can contribute to a whole host of problems with UVC door handles resulting in them being difficult to turn & unlatch. On top of this, there can be internal issues with the lock in uPVC doors, resulting in the deadbolt becoming stuck, which makes it difficult, or worst case scenario impossible to open the door.

Such problems can be caused by a range of things, including the following:

Screws which are too tight can result in the handle’s backplate pinching the lock, which prevents the spring from functioning properly

If not properly lubricated the spring for the handle can bind against the inside backplate

The spring mechanism can fail inside the lock or lever handle

How To Resolve Issus with Fault UPVC Door Locks & Handles?

Such problems can be resolved, without having to remove or replace the entire door. Taking off the door handle & cleaning it is one option, but is fiddly & can be time consuming & will generally require the services of a locksmith with experience dealing with UVPV locks but isnt always necessary

There are a number of other ways to resolve such problems ith your UPVC door handles, including removing and cleaning the door handle itself, but this isn’t always necessary. Instead, you can try some of the ideas below which are straghtforward for the every day hoeowner without the need to call in their local locksmith:

1: Sometimes loosening the screws which hold the handle to the door slightly can resolve your issue by making the handle easier to turn

2: Try removing the handle from the door and operating it whilst holding the backplate. If its still tough to operate try greasing up the mechanism. If it does the trick the handle can be fitted back onto the door

3: If your door isn’t latching shut properly, the most likely cause is a that the srping mechanism in the lock has failed. To verify this just remove the latch from the door itself and press it with your finger, if it doesnt spring back or does so very slowly you need a new spring mechanism.